Floor Drain Deficiencies are High Scoring

During our Pre-REAC inspections, we remind you that each selected Unit has a limited amount of “Possible Points.” Every property is different of course, but usually Units have a “Possible Points” value of approximately 2 points. The REAC software is set up so that no single Unit will be allowed to affect your score by more than the amount of the “Possible Points.”Except.

There are some deficiencies in Units that will be recorded not in the “Units” section of the REAC inspector’s software but rather in the “Building Systems” section of the REAC inspection software and that could cost you a lot more than the Unit’s “Possible Points.” The three most common “Building Systems” items that are found in residential units are sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and floor drains.
Floor drains in units are usually found in mechanical closets and laundry areas. Damaged or blocked floor drains are surprisingly high scoring and so I recommend that you make an effort to see to it that all floor drains on your property are impeccable for your REAC inspection. And yes, if you’ve got floor drains in your units don’t forget to inspect them.

floorno drain cover

At left is a dirty floor drain in a Unit mechanical closet that may be cited as a “clogged” drain. At right is a missing floor drain cover in a Common Area basement. Both will be cited under “Building Systems.”



Make sure sump pumps have a cover so that they’re not cited as a “Building Systems” missing
drain cover.



flooringThis one on the right is tricky. We know of a least one unreasonable REAC inspector who is citing this condition as a “missing” drain cover. This is frustrating because the drain cover is not “missing” but simply modified to accept the drain tubes. This REAC inspector’s citation defies the definition of the “deficiency.” Read the deficiency here, at our REAC Help Desk: helpdesk
This can almost always be successfully appealed but if possible, it’s best to avoid an appeal. How, in this case? Well, you can, for the duration of the REAC inspection, lift up the pipes and replace the modified floor drain cover with a full drain cover. Another option is to replace the site modified floor drain cover with one that is factory manufactured with hole openings.I found these in plumbing supply
floor drain


Perfect. Cover in place.

Two more things to remember:

1.Stand up pipes must not be uncovered. The one at right is perfect.

2.Instructions to the REAC inspector includes, “This also includes covers you see while walking the site.” So don’t forget the drain covers just outside the basement doors and the clean-out covers outside of buildings.

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