Introducing Detroit Inspection Group

Detroit Inspection Group

For Rental Property Owners to Meet the Requirements of the

City of Detroit Buildings, Safety Engineering, and Environment Department (BSEED)

The Inspection Group, Inc. (TIG), has been selected by the City of Detroit Department of Buildings, Safety Engineering, and Environment (BSEED) to serve as an Authorized Third Party Rental Property Inspections Service organization serving the needs of owners of residential rental property in the City of Detroit to have their property inspected annually and obtain a certificate of registration.   TIG has formed a dedicated Detroit Inspection GroupTM unit to serve the Detroit landlord community and fulfill those needs.


As is typical of the growing number of municipalities, the City of Detroit is concerned with maintaining basic standards of safety and habitability for all housing within its jurisdiction.  Detroit’s City Code requires that owners or agents of rental property register all such dwellings annually and obtain a certificate of registration by passing the required inspection (Chapter 9, Article I, Division 3, Sec. 9-1-81 et seq).  Consistent with the trend of other Municipal Rental Inspections programs, the City of Detroit determined that the most effective and efficient way to implement this public policy was by authorizing experienced, qualified private contractors such as The Inspection Group, Inc., to provide a Rental Inspection Service to owners/agents.


Detroit Inspection GroupTM (DIG) will perform interior and exterior inspections of residential rental property in the City in accordance with the City’s requirements, contracting directly with the rental property representative for the service and payment.  DIG will provide inspection results and correction notices both to the landlord and to BSEED; and a Final Inspection Letter upon inspection approval.  The City will issue a Certificate of Compliance representing a passed inspection and Code compliance to the owner of the rental property inspected.  DIG Inspectors will also be required to report dangerous or emergency situations, and illegal or inappropriate situations (e.g. improper zoning or use, work done without a permit, illegal utility hookups, etc.) to BSEED in a timely manner consistent with the exigency of the situation.

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  1. It’s good to know that the government of Detroit is making sure that every rental property in their city is safe for everyone. This process must be implemented strictly so that every tenant can live in their respective apartment with security. Also, this inspection must also be followed by other cities.

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