02 Mar 2015

Arlene’s Attic: Will the REAC Inspector Go On the Roof?

REAC inspectors have unambiguous instructions from HUD to inspect “All flat roofs that have a permanent means of access. . .” These instructions are on page 22 of the 5/25/2011 Compilation Bulletin, goes on to say, “A stairway leading to a roof, a ladder permanently affixed to a wall, or any other apparatus that does not require the use of a portable ladder is considered a permanent means of access.” And then finishes with, “An inspector is not required to […]

02 Mar 2015

Floor Drain Deficiencies are High Scoring

During our Pre-REAC inspections, we remind you that each selected Unit has a limited amount of “Possible Points.” Every property is different of course, but usually Units have a “Possible Points” value of approximately 2 points. The REAC software is set up so that no single Unit will be allowed to affect your score by more than the amount of the “Possible Points.”Except. There are some deficiencies in Units that will be recorded not in the “Units” section of the […]