UPCS-V Update

As of August 26, there are 195 Housing Authorities currently signed up for the UPCS-V Demonstration. There is room for only 55 more Housing Authorities to volunteer. Lessons learned from the demonstration will be used to modify training, software and decision trees based on the real world experience gained.
HUD also intends to experiment with a scoring system that with help quantify housing quality. This is not intended to relate to REAC scoring in any way.
The Demonstration is expected to last from one to three years. After the Demonstration there will be a proposed rule followed by comments before a final rule is issued. If all goes well, it seldom does, they might be ready for those comments in about eighteen months.
We’ll keep you posted.

Unsure of what UPCS-V will entail? Check out the official HUD page here.

Clarence Buck

Vice President


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