Inspection Preparation Service

The City of Detroit requires that any defects found during your official Rental Property Inspection be repaired within 30 days. Failure to do so may result in fines being levied against the property. The Inspection Preparation Service provides you the opportunity to have one of our consultants conduct an unofficial “pre-inspection" and supply you with a list of items needing repair. This provides you additional time to make the corrections prior to scheduling your official Rental Property inspection.



Official City of Detroit Rental Property Inspections

The Detroit Inspection Group is one of 4 approved vendors authorized to conduct the physical inspections and assist property owners in the steps necessary to obtain a Certificate of Compliance for their rental property(s). If you’re ready for your initial or follow up Detroit Rental Property Inspection, please



Property Condition Reports

This service is geared toward those who own a large number of rental properties in the Metro Detroit area. It is utilized as a tool in determining the physical condition of the asset prior to acquisition, or between tenants to determine the repairs which may be needed. To book an appointment for a Property Condition Report, please


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If you would like a quote on a specialized inspection for your property assets, please email Clarence Buck (buck@theinspectiongroup.com) with your specific needs so we can pursue a solution for you.

Detroit Rental Property Inspections

Detroit Rental Property Inspections are required annually on rental property in the city of Detroit. Inspections are conducted to verify compliance
with the city of Detroit Property Maintenance Code, the Zoning ordinance and other ordinances, which
pertain to the maintenance of structures and environs.

The Detroit Inspection Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Inspection Group, Inc. Our Detroit division offers inspection and consulting services to property owners, landlords, and management companies with properties in and around the City of Detroit. Our professional inspectors are extremely knowledgeable in Federal, State, and Local building code and housing regulations. Below are just a few of the services we offer. We look forward to working with you soon

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