What Does Training Involve?

The UPCS protocols are the defect definitions used during HUD REAC PASS inspections. This two day training class presents UPCS in simple terms which will enable your staff personnel to not only conduct your own annual UPCS inspections, but also interpret the resulting data to prioritize, plan, and budget in a pro­active manner. Realistic and economical REAC PASS & UPCS suggestions and recommendations that are invaluable information for your staff to implement immediately in both daily and long term functions.

Appeal Success Rate92%

Private Client Repeat Business 85%

Public Full Service Clients with “High Performer” status90%

Clients who improve on past performance 95%

Upcoming Trainings

Date/Time Event
April 28, 2020 Rated R For REAC
—Cincinnati, OH
September 15, 2020 Rated R For REAC
—Columbus, OH
October 15, 2020 Rated R for REAC
—Cleveland, OH
August 7-8, 2019 UPCS Inspection Protocol Training
—Williamsport, PA
Always Available! Online UPCS Training Course

What will the class cover?

This class covers the use and implementation of the UPCS inspection protocols. Participants will learn property profile and building information entry, defect determination, defect severity classifications, health & safety categories, and life- threatening hazards. Information will be provided concerning how the use of data can generate reports such as work orders, maintenance trends, REAC score improvement plans, and capital planning. Realistic and economic suggestions and recommendations will be invaluable information taught to your staff to help meet UPCS requirements and improve REAC scores. The class will conclude with a self ­scored certification test and summary review.

Please note: This seminar will NOT provide any kind of HUD REAC certification.

Who should attend this class?

Owners, Managing Agents, Public Housing Authority staff, HUD Insured and Assisted facility staff, Section 8 Property Staff, Property Managers, Contract Administrators, Maintenance Staff, Insurance Inspectors, and any other persons involved with housing inspections, maintenance, and management of housing inventory.

Why should you take this training?

The HUD REAC PASS protocol has become the standard of property inspections for multiple dwelling housing throughout the country. REAC PASS scores allow the condition of both private and public owned, subsidized, and insured properties across the country to be compared within one standard scoring system. HUD also requires the use of the REAC PASS UPCS protocols in public housing during annual inspections (replaced HQS). At this training, personnel will learn how to improve not only your organization’s housing quality, but also your REAC PASS inspection scores. Why is this relevant? Because your REAC PASS performance impacts the funding of your PHA or the valuing of your multifamily properties! Don’t miss this invaluable opportunity to educate your staff on the PASS sub­system! Each participant receives a colorful manual containing the UPCS Protocols in an easily understood layout, the latest protocol changes, detailed information on each defect’s scoring relevance, forms and discussions on the appeal process, a simple overview about how PASS inspections are performed, and also participate in identifying real defect examples. Eliminate questions and confusion by putting the expertise of The Inspection Group to work for you and allow us to install UPCS protocols into your organization’s culture! Contact The Inspection Group today to sign up and learn what UPCS is all about and how to use it to your advantage!

What is the agenda?

Time Day1 Day2
9:00 to 12:00 Orientation & Introduction Systems Area
Health & Safety Area Unit Area
1:00 to 4:00 Site Area Unit & Common Areas
Exterior Area Test, Review & Summary

Learn about our Online UPCS training!

This course is roughly equivalent to our two­ day, live classroom training in scope and content, but can be self ­paced in increments over a period of weeks.