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    Welcome to our Housing Choice Voucher Services page at The Inspection Group. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive and specialized inspection services to meet the diverse needs of housing agencies. With a focus on enhancing efficiency, quality, and compliance, we offer a range of services including Inspection Department Efficiency Studies, Quality Assurance Inspections, HCV Program Inspections, RAD Conversion Inspections, and Special Programs. Our experienced professionals, equipped with over a hundred years of combined expertise in various construction and code-related inspections, are here to ensure that your unique requirements are met with precision and excellence. Whether you're looking to streamline your processes, meet HUD requirements, or handle complex inspection challenges, we're here to assist you every step of the way.

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    Housing Choice Voucher Services

    Inspection Department Efficiency Studies - Review of current process and procedure to identify areas of possible saving and opportunity for improvement.

    Quality Assurance Inspections - We conduct Third Party Quality Assurance Inspections. Quarterly, Monthly or All at Once to help you meet your HUD requirements without further taxing your staff.

    HCV Inspections - We conduct inspections for your HCV Program. Whether you just need a little help catching up or need a full turnkey inspection program, we work with you to design a program that meets your unique requirements.

    RAD Conversion Inspections - RAD conversions are hectic and confusing. Let us help you meet those inspection needs.

    Special Programs - Beyond the usual inspections everyone is required to perform, sometimes agencies require hybrid inspections requiring multiple inspection disciplines. Our team brings over a hundred years of experience in various construction and code related inspection experience. Whatever your need, we have trained inspection professionals ready to help.

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