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    The Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) protocols are the defect definitions used during HUD REAC (Real Estate Assessment Center) PASS (Physical Assessment Sub-System) inspections. Our job is to help you understand which of these are the most important to get right and how to handle yourself during inspection.

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    UPCS Inspections Consulting

    UPCS Inspections Consulting

    This protocol is the standard for inspections conducted by HUD, USDA and IRS Tax Credit housing throughout the country. REAC PASS scores allow the condition of both privately and publicly owned, subsidized, and insured properties across the country to be compared within one standard scoring system.

    HUD requires the use of the UPCS protocols in public housing during 100% annual inspections (replacing the HQS protocol). How well you score when the REAC Inspector pays you a visit, will be determined by how well you conduct these annual inspections.

    The UPCS Protocol

    The UPCS Protocol

    In 1998, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) established the Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) to provide accurate information assessing the condition of properties owned, insured or subsidized by HUD. The Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) is an inspection protocol developed by HUD to evaluate if its residents live in decent, safe and sanitary housing. The UPCS protocol has become a standard by which to measure the physical condition of multi-family and other subsidized properties and continues to be adopted by federal, state and local governments.

    We actively encourage all clients to transition to using the UPCS protocol for their in-house inspections. If your organization uses the UPCS protocol during regular inspections, it is as if the REAC inspector were there every day. By being familiar with this protocol and its impact on scoring, your organization can better allocate time and effort to remedy defects while maximizing your REAC PASS score.

    The Inspection Group wants to help you succeed because, working together, we can all succeed in creating and preserving quality affordable housing opportunities that are the foundation of safe, healthy communities.

    UPCS protocol

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    We will work with you to develop a custom, expedient and practical inspection schedule, including a tenant notification program if needed. We will inspect all areas in accordance with the UPCS protocol. We can also perform your Energy Audit and/or your Physical Needs Assessment while doing these inspections. We recommend this highly cost-effective comprehensive solution.

    All TIG clients receive at least five reports per property:

    Certified Report - documents all areas inspected (used for official documentation);

    List of Deficiencies Report - lists only the defects, their levels, locations and additional comments (great for work orders);

    Scored Report - virtually as if REAC inspection was performed (which is great for showing the relative impact each defect can have on scores);

    Exigent and Fire Safety Hazards Observed Report -

    - the same document provided during REAC inspections if any of the qualifying conditions are observed.

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