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    The Inspection Group, Inc. was founded in 1998 to provide HQS and UPCS inspection services to public housing agencies and affordable housing management companies.

    Over the years, The Inspection Group has put its unmatched experience to use in developing new inspection ­related consulting and training services. We have grown to become a full­ service company serving the needs of the Public and Affordable Housing Industry with a wide range of field data collection and analysis tools and services, including:

    • REAC report reviews and score appeals
    • Energy Audits (EA)
    • Physical Needs Assessments (PNA)
    • Green Physical Needs Assessments (GPNA)
    • New UPCS inspection systems installation (including software and procedures)
    • INSPECTUS Inspection Software for Housing
    • UPCS protocol training
    • REAC inspection preparation consulting
    • REAC inspection shadows
    • physical Conditional Assessments
    • PHAS annual inspections per UPCS
    • HQS inspections

    The Inspection Group, Inc. continues to grow by offering innovative solutions and developing effective new field data collection and analysis tools for both the Public and Private Housing Industry. Our headquarters is located in Columbus, Ohio but we have satellite offices in multiple US Cities where our agents perform high quality inspections for return clients and agencies.

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