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Consider NSPIRE Training to Elevate Your Facility Management Expertise

In anticipation of imminent changes and to bolster your team’s readiness, The Inspection Group is conducting a robust NSPIRE training program centered on NSPIRE protocols. Designed to replace the UPCS (Uniform Physical Condition Standards) protocols used in HUD REAC PASS inspections, these trainings focus on simplifying the intricacies of NSPIRE’s fresh approach to housing inspections.

What Does NSPIRE Training Involve?

Our two-day training class endeavors to equip your staff with the skills to conduct annual NSPIRE inspections while interpreting the nuanced data effectively. The training ensures your team can strategically prioritize, plan, and budget, integrating practical and economical suggestions for seamless NSPIRE implementation in both daily operations and long-term strategies.

What will the class cover?

This training delves into the implementation of NSPIRE inspection protocols. Attendees will grasp nuances of property profile creation, building information entry, defect identification, and classifications of defect severity. Critical aspects such as health & safety categories, and life-threatening hazards will be detailed. Moreover, the training will showcase how data can be utilized to create work orders, discern maintenance trends, plan for REAC score improvement, and assist in capital planning. The session concludes with a self-scored certification test and summary review.

Please note: This seminar will NOT provide any kind of HUD REAC certification.

Who should attend this class?

The training is tailored for Owners, Managing Agents, Public Housing Authority Staff, HUD Insured and Assisted facility staff, Section 8 Property Staff, Property Managers, Contract Administrators, Maintenance Staff, Insurance Inspectors, and anyone involved in housing inspections and management of housing inventory.

Why should you take this training?

With HUD REAC PASS protocol setting the benchmark for property inspections nationwide, understanding NSPIRE is crucial. NSPIRE’s standardized approach allows for a cohesive comparison of the conditions of subsidized, insured, public, and private properties. HUD now requires the use of NSPIRE protocols in public housing during annual inspections, replacing the previous HQS standards.

In this training, participants will glean insights on how to enhance housing quality and boost REAC PASS inspection scores – factors directly impacting the funding of PHAs and the valuation of multifamily properties. The opportunity to educate your staff on the PASS subsystem is invaluable.

Each participant receives a comprehensive manual outlining NSPIRE Protocols in a user-friendly layout, the latest protocol changes, in-depth information on defect scoring relevance, forms for the appeal process, and practical examples of identifying defects. By leveraging The Inspection Group’s expertise, you can seamlessly integrate NSPIRE protocols into your organization’s culture.

Seize the Advantage with NSPIRE Training

Don’t miss this chance to empower your team with knowledge about NSPIRE and utilize it to your advantage. Contact The Inspection Group today to sign up and let us guide you through the nuances of NSPIRE inspections!

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